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Win a $100 Gift Card From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab by Telling Us What You Think Fraggles Smell Like [Updated]

It also wouldn't hurt if you danced your cares away and then saved your worries for another day.

Red Fraggle Rock Perfume

You have geeky clothes, geeky posters, and geeky toys, but do you have geeky smells? You can thanks to the folks at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. They’re going to hook a Geekosystem reader up with a $100 gift certificate, and all you have to do is tell us what you think Fraggles smell like. Read on for details.

[Update] Thanks for playing, everyone! We got loads of great responses. A lot of you got straight up poetic with this, and we really liked reading a lot of these, but there can be only one winner, and that winner is Kate Wieczerza. So you don’t have to scroll through all the comments, here’s her winning entry.

Fraggles smell a bit like what they eat. They have a hint of that radish smell, because you can’t eat one thing day in and out and never smell like it, though it would probably exist most strongly on their breath. They also smell a bit like dirt, both in that dust-of-the-caves sort of way and in that freshly-pulled-root-produce way. I do imagine there’s a bit of sugar in there, because I’ve always thought Doozer sticks must be made up of at least a little bit of sugar (possibly extracted from radishes, or maybe other root vegetables that get pulled with them and otherwise discarded; maybe even something that grows in the caves themselves). There’s a hint of salt and fur in there, like you’d get from a whiff of your cat or dog’s paws, and a bit of a milky scent, as from a baby’s hands. If you tried real hard, you’d be able to smell the scents of old cotton, paper, and ink, from their clothes and books. That would all be laid over with the scent of wet, growing green moss and lichen.

Congratulations, Kate!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs (BPAL) make a full line of fragrances, but they have our attention for their geekier offerings like their “RPG Series” of perfumes designed after D&D classes. What does a Rogue smell like? How about Hellboy? He has a scent as well. Want to get a whiff of a Gelfling? Try their Labyrinth series. They have a pretty varied collection, and with $100 you could try smells from a few different fandoms, or go full into one.

We happened to have a bottle of their “Red” Fraggle Rock scent on hand, so we went around and made everyone in the office take a sniff and tell us what they thought it smelled like. Almost everyone answered with some type of candy. Our own Dan Van Winkle said it reminded him of Kool-Aid mix, while Victoria McNally said it made her want to dance her cares away. Carolyn Cox said it reminded her specifically of Easter candy. I think it smells like a pixie stick or other powdered candy. Overall people seemed to like it.

But would Fraggles smell like candy? They live in a cave and eat Doozer sticks all day. Leave a comment on this post describing how YOU think a Fraggle would smell, and we’ll pick our favorite as the winner. All you need is to register with an actual email address or Facebook account when you leave a comment. BPAL is going to email the certificate to the lucky winner, so you need a real address to claim the prize.

Typically we like to run contests for a week, but since Valentine’s Day is Friday and a $100 gift certificate to a geeky perfumery makes a pretty sweet gift we’re going to close the contest at 6:00PM ET on Thursday February 13th. So tell us: What do Fraggles smell like?

(via Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, image my own)

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