Stand-Up Toothbrushes Right Themselves, Look Adorable

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Tired of having to waste a perfectly good mug to house your toothbrushes? Well today is your lucky day, because Ryan and Harc came along with DEWS toothbrush. These somehow adorable toothbrushes will stand up on their own accord, and even return themselves to the standing position should you accidentally nudge it with your elbow. A toothbrush and a tiny, tiny punching bag? That’s just economical.

Speaking of economy, it unfortunately looks like you can’t buy these yet, but now that the idea is out there someone will be marketing them soon. Nothing that’s invented ever dies. Especially not when it’s this cute and immediately useful.

Now, who knows whether a standing toothbrush is any more hygenic than one left to sit on the counter? I’m fairly sure I heard in school once that germs can actually move around, so the span of a toothbrush might not be enough to keep them from your bristles and then your mouth. But hey, neither is a mug. But can you simulate a tiny, colorful boxing match with a mug? No you cannot.

For those of you who doubt that such an amazing invention could possibly be real, see below for science!

Get these on my drug store shelves, people!

(Via Yanko Design via Dvice)

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