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Ubisoft Offering Beyond Good & Evil Soundtrack for Free


Beyond Good & Evil is both a triumph and tragedy. Most people who have ever played the game will tell you how absolutely fantastic it is, how much they want a sequel, and how much of a shame it is that it was such a monetary failure they bought it from GameStop for $9 new. With the game’s recent release with an HD overhaul, maybe more people can at least attest to the former two sentiments regarding the game’s stellar quality. If Ubisoft giving us another chance to play BG&E–and in HD–wasn’t totally incredible, the fact that we can now download its great soundtrack for free should at least add to some of the incredibleness. Go forth, readers, shout “Carlson and Peeters” on the top of your lungs, give the soundtrack a listen, and maybe you’ll also have “Propaganda” stuck in your head as much as I do. Make sure to thank Ubisoft by telling everyone how great Beyond Good & Evil is.

(SlickDeals via Joystiq)

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