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Better Call Saul is Happening! Breaking Bad (Kind Of) Lives On!

Oh man, there's going to be so much money laundering.

Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad fans rejoice! AMC is moving forward with their spin-off centered around Bob Odenkirk’s character Saul Goodman! The new series is expected to be a prequel set before Saul’s time as Walter White’s lawyer, so it’s not likely we’ll see any real crossover. It’s still really exciting!

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The working title is Better Call Saul because of course it is. Breaking Bad writer and producer Peter Gould who created the character will be the showrunner on Saul, and there’s every reason to believe Odenkirk will reprise the role.

It seems like a smart play by AMC, which hasn’t seen the success it’s had with Breaking Bad and Mad Men with many of its other original programming. Other distributors like Netflix were circling the project had AMC decided to pass.

We’re really thrilled to see this happening, though frankly it would have been great if Netflix did pick it up because binge watching.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, image via AMC)

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