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Breaking Bad Gets Unofficial LEGO Treatment with Citizen Brick “Superlab Playset”

The Daily Mail calls it an "outrage," but we call it amazeballs, which isn't a word.

Breaking Bad Bricks

Citizen Brick is a company that makes custom-printed LEGO figs, and their latest effort is tremendous. They’ve put together a knockoff Breaking Bad LEGO set called the Superlab Playset. It comes with figs that closely resemble your favorite Breaking Bad characters and a tiny LEGO meth lab.

Here’s the Superlab Playset’s Walter White, which since they can’t call him Walter White is named “Chemistry Enthusiast”

Breaking Bad Walter White

The detail on the barrel is impressive.

Breaking Bad may be going away forever, but you can still totally have meth adventures with your little minifig buddies! Or at least you could if the set wasn’t currently sold out. If more become available, the 500-piece set sells for $250 and comes with three figs; Chemistry Enthusiast, Chicken Enthusiast, and World’s Best Grandpa. It also comes with the under-the-laundry meth lab.

What? No Bitch Enthusiast?

(Citizen Brick via The Daily Mail, image via Citizen Brick on Facebook)

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