Green Goblin figure, Across the Spider-Verse steelbook, Daily Bugle LEGO set

The Best Spider-Man Gifts in the Spider-Verse

It’s been a wonderful year for Spider-Man fans. We got a great movie and a great game in 2023, plus a ton of amazing and spectacular merchandise. Here’s a list of the best gift suggestions for the Spider-fans in your life, be they young children who are into Spidey and his Amazing Friends or grown adults who love the films. Thwip!

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Spider-Man Funko Pops

Pizza Spidey, Spider-Man India and Doc Ock Funko Pops

There are so many Spider-Man Funko Pops there’s something for almost everyone. Do you love Peter? Miles? Gwen? The Spider-Verse movies and/or the MCU ones? Then I have good news! Some of my personal favorite Funko Pops include Spider-Man with Pizza, Andrew Garfield’s Spidey, Mary Jane Watson (the first Pop with a speech bubble!), and Spider-Man India.

Spider-Man earrings

Spider-Man earrings by Girl Crew
(Girls Crew)

Wear your fandom on your face! These gorgeous earrings are available from Girls Crew, who do a wide variety of stylish geeky jewelry pieces. Show your love for Peter, Miles, Gwen, or just the Spider-Man franchise in general with these studs. They all come in three different colors (gold, rose gold, and silver), and you can mix and match them if you buy more than one pair!

Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition

(Insomniac Games/Sony)

Here we have not only the game that ripped my heart out, but 19 inches of Venom as well. Yep … the internet had a lot of fun with that double entendre.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition gets you the 19-inch statue of Peter and Miles fighting Venom, five additional suits in-game for each Spider-Man, and the game itself (of course) in a snazzy steelbook display case. Very cool! Now, please, no more 19 inches jokes.

Spider-Man Beanie Babies

Peter and Miles Beanie Babies

Did you love Beanie Babies as a kid? Because I did, and so I was thrilled to find out there are now Spider-Man Beanie Babies! At the official TY store, you can get yourself a Peter or a Miles (or both) suited up and ready to web-sling.

I remember being told as a kid never to cut the tags off Beanie Babies because it made the resell value plummet, but to hell with that. Feel free to cut them off if that helps you snuggle with your new friend.

Daily Bugle LEGO set

Lego Daily Bugle Set

Do you know a LEGO-loving Spidey fan who wants a good challenge? Then they need this: a massive LEGO Daily Bugle office complete with multiple minifigs—25 of them, to be exact! You get Peter, Miles, Gwen, J. Jonah Jameson, Aunt May, Black Cat, Daredevil, and so many more.

This set costs $349.99, so it’s a big purchase, but the person you get it for will probably never stop thanking you.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Steelbook

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse steelbook cover
(Sony Pictures Releasing/Best Buy)

Another year, another smash hit from the Sony animation team. No one thought they could top Into the Spider-Verse, but they did.

Across the Spider-Verse won near-universal acclaim from everyone, not just Spider-Man fans, and now you can get it in a gorgeous steelbook edition exclusively at Best Buy. Or—wait—if you haven’t seen Into the Spider-Verse yet (where in the multiverse have you been?!) Best Buy also offers a two-movie collection.

Spider-Man Duplo

Spider-Man Duplo Play Set

Here, we’ve got one for the kids—or not! I’m sure grown adults can play with Duplo, too! Don’t let me stop you.

Duplo is like LEGO, but with bigger pieces and safer for young children. There are several Spidey and His Amazing Friends Duplo sets out there with all your favorite characters included. This one features Peter Parker, Kamala Khan, the Hulk, and the Green Goblin, and it’s adorable.

Spider-Man costumes

Iron Spider, Miles Morales and Spider-Rex costumes

Again, this is more of a gift idea for a Spider-Man-loving child. A Spidey costume! Target has a whole range of them: you can find Peter, Miles, Gwen, and more. Perfect for costume parties, comic conventions, or just playing with toys in the house.

Target also offers this great Spider-Rex costume, which I love just as much as I love all inflatable dinosaur costumes.

Spider-Man Loungefly bags and wallets

Spider-Man Loungefly wallet and handbag

Oh, I would buy all of these many times over if I had the money. Loungefly bags are a bit pricy, but they’re so pretty and very good quality. And you have so many to choose from! I especially like the metallic bag, the Across the Spider-Verse bag, and the “I love you guys!” No Way Home wallet.

Probably my favorite Loungefly bag of all time, though, is this limited edition Japan-exclusive Spider-Man handbag. I saw it in a store once and I still wish that I’d bought it.

Spider-Man Hot Toys Figures

Green Goblin, Miles Morales and Peter Parker figures
(Hot Toys)

Do you want a tiny Spidey in your room watching your every move? Who doesn’t, right?

The Hot Toys figures are incredibly well-made and insanely detailed. They have options to swap heads and arms around so you can get your figure exactly the way you want it, which offers hours of fun for action figure photographers. There’s no getting around the fact that these figures are expensive, but honestly, they’re worth every penny.

(featured image: Hot Toys/Sony Pictures Releasing/Best Buy/LEGO)

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