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10 Best Spider-Man Funko Pops and Where to Buy Them

Peter Parker and Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Sony)

If Spider-Man was real he would definitely collect Funko Pops of himself, right? He’s a nerd, we’re nerds, it’s fine. It’s hard to resist those cute little lumps of plastic and the Spider-Man aesthetic just fits the Funko look so well. There are many to choose from, seeing as how Spider-Man and his teammates and his rogues’ gallery are all super-iconic characters, but these are ten of the best.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

This guy stares out at me from my shelf every day, just waiting to throw his pumpkin bomb. How … adorable? This particular Green Goblin was an Underground Toys exclusive and I picked him up at my local comic convention. You can find this Pop and plenty of other Goblin Pops, including the ones based on Willem Dafoe’s iconic performance in the movies, on eBay!

Miles Morales with Cape

Miles Morales with Cape Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

I love this little Pop! Miles is wearing his cape outfit from Into the Spider-Verse and he’s so so cute. Unfortunately though, this Pop seems to be quite hard to get hold of, especially for an inexpensive price. But eBay has some good options. You might want to be quick and order one before the much-awaited Across the Spider-Verse comes out and increases interest in Spider-Verse Pops, though!

Doc Ock

Doc Ock Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

Regardless of what you thought of No Way Home, you can’t deny it was fantastic to see Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock again. Celebrate his grand return with a Funko Pop! This one shows the good doctor in green glasses with his tentacles menacingly raised. You should be able to pick this one up at your local store, the official Funko store or Amazon.

Metallic Spider-Man Comic-Con 2011

Metallic Spider-Man Funko Pop, displayed in box (Funko)

This Funko Pop from 2011 is the most expensive Spider-Man one you could possibly have. They pop up on eBay every now and again and they cost A LOT. Be very careful when buying one of these and make sure you communicate with the seller! Peter Parker would, if he ever had that amount of money to drop in one go.

Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

It is a CRIME that there aren’t more Funko Pops of Mary Jane. She was a fashion icon in the comics, why aren’t there 100+ Pops of her in increasingly wacky ’60s outfits? There are a handful of Mary Jane Pops, though, and here’s one of them. This is her design from the Spider-Man game series, and she’s holding a little plushie Spider-Man! Awww. Ebay has lots of these for sale, and you can probably find some at your local collectible store as well.

Venom on Throne

Venom on Throne Funko Pop, displayed out of box (Funko)

Oh this one is SO RAD. This Pop depicts everyone’s favorite symbiote Venom seated on a throne, a throne that glows in the dark no less. It’s based on the cover of Venom #35, the 200th issue starring Spider-Man’s most beloved anti-hero. Unfortunately for me, this Pop is quite pricey in the UK, but if you’re in the USA you should be able to grab it easily from eBay.

Spider-Man with Pizza

Spider-Man with Pizza Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

The Spider-Man Funko Pops take full advantage of the Spider-Man internet memes. It’s pizza time! I love everything about this Pop: the geeky I <3 Pi shirt, the web wrapped round the arm, the melted cheese going everywhere. While this Spider-Man isn’t depicted in the Raimi suit, you can pretend it’s Tobey Maguire’s Peter under there, going back to his pizza delivery job. Buy him on eBay!


Electro Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

So I LOVE Electro’s look in No Way Home! It’s the perfect update of his comic book costume. There’s a “Final Battle” Electro No Way Home Pop coming soon but I also like this one, where Electro’s lightning bolts take the shape of his famous mask. You can pick up one of these Pops on Amazon, the Funko Store, or eBay, and keep an eye out for deals that give you a set of all the NWH villains!


Spider-Gwen Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

Gwen Stacy lives again as Spider-Gwen, the heroine of the Spider-Verse movies. If you want a Pop that shows her face then you rather confusingly have two options: Spider-Gwen Unhooded and Spider-Gwen Unmasked. I’m gonna go with the “Unhooded” version and you can find it on eBay. I love her little ballet shoes!

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man Funko Pop, displayed in and out of box (Funko)

The Amazing Spider-Man movies may or may not have been any good, opinions are divided, but everyone can agree Andrew Garfield was a fantastic Peter Parker, right? This adorable Pop of him holding his mask in his mouth came out after No Way Home and you can purchase one for yourself on Amazon, eBay or your local retailer.

(featured image: Sony)

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