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The 10 Best Best Friendships In Anime, Ranked

I swear they love each other

Go call your best friend.

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Seriously, stop reading this list, call your bff, and tell them how much you love them.

If your best friend is your roommate and they’re asleep, wake ’em up. If they’re living in a foreign country on the other side of the world and they’re also asleep, wake ’em up. If your best friends are plants then you don’t even need to wake them up. Just tell them.

But for those sad few of you who don’t have a best friend because all you do is stay inside and watch anime, I’m writing you this list of the best anime friendships in the hopes that you’ll go outside and make one.

Let’s begin.

10. Vash and Wolfwood


Trigun’s Vash and Wolfwood are legendary homies. After all they’re two of the most legendary gunslingers in The West. And when I say “West” I mean “their home planet” which is a desert world where basically everywhere is “the west.” These two are an inseparable duo who bond over their mutual love of shooting things and defending the innocent. They always, quite literally, cover each other’s backs. Maybe you and your new best friend can cover each other’s backs too when you bond over something fun like playing paintball, or robbing a convenience store?

9. Joseph and Caesar

(David Production)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is essentially a series entirely about bromances. And what bromance is more iconic than Joseph and Caesar? These two young men go through rigorous training together, and save each other from dying every other day. They officially consummate their bromantic feelings for one another when Caesar gives his life for Joseph to save him from poison. When you are looking for a best friend, you’ll know you’ve found one if you are possessed with the overwhelming urge to die for them. Just make sure it’s for their benefit. Don’t throw yourself in front of a truck unless you’re sure it’s gonna hit them.

8. Meliodas and Ban

(Studio Deen)

Another series where two of the male leads are dedicated to “Bromancing The Stone.” The Seven Deadly Sins‘ Ban and Meliodas have a legendary friendship that sometimes turns into a (semi) healthy rivalry. I say “semi” because Ban usually ends up losing a body part or two to Meliodas during a sparing match, but he’s immortal so it’s cool. You’ll also know you’ve found your bff when you have an overwhelming urge to punch them in the face because they’re better than you at something. It’s a totally normal impulse, and following it will bring you two closer together.

7. Spike and Jet


Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike and Jet carry their bromance through the stars! While not exactly warm and fuzzy, Spike and Jet’s friendship is all about what they do for one another. And usually it involves killing people. Lots of people. Or at least breaking a few arms. Spike and Jet bond over their mutual love of making a living outside of the law. When you and your best friend get together, you should try it. Declare your own city state in your backyard. Stockpile weapons. Declare war on your neighbors, the cops, and the federal government!

6.Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu


While the two identically named protagonists of Nana should be a couple, the gays can’t always get what we want, can we? In this case, we’ll settle for a friendship, because it is a rare example of a grounded relationship between women in anime that isn’t solely focused around their relationships to men. Don’t get me wrong, they talk about boys a lot in this anime, but they also bond with each other of things like “forwarding their careers” and taking “totally platonic bubblebaths” together. Try this last one with your new best friend. Then platonically have sex! It’s totally not gay unless you make it gay.

5. Haruhi and The Boys


Ouran High School Host Club is one non-binary bromance orgy. And while it can be a messing love triangle (or love hexagon) at times, it’s a bromantic circle where all of the love between the characters is equally shared. However, sometimes the boys rally together and woo Haruhi wildy bromantic gestures. There’s an episode where they all dress up as girls so Haruhi doesn’t leave for the all girls school. It’s adorable. If your best friend is a girl and you’re not, dress up as a girl for them. Show them that they’re not missing out on anything because you can be both. Then take some time for yourself to unpack your chaotic non-binary feelings. Just like I did!

4. Ryuko and Mako

(Studio Trigger)

Ryuko and Mako are technically dating by the end of Kill La Kill, but I hate the word “technically.” It’s for over-specific nerds. Ryuko and Mako were friends wayyyyy before they started developing romantic feelings for one another. And that’s how romantic relationships should be! Mako and Ryuko have one of the most supportive anime friendship in the history of anime. Mako cheers Ryuko on with anime’s ginest pep talks at every turn, and Ryuko reminds Mako of the good person she really is when Mako tries to be evil for a minute. Mako eventually peps of Ryuko for a climactic final battle by kissing her on the mouth and telling her the two should go on a date when she’s back. If your friend is facing a climactic event, like a tough math test, get them ready with a passionate open mouth kiss! They’ll appreciate it. Then probably skip their test to go a date with you.

3. Goku and Vegeta


Dragon Ball Z‘s Goku and Vegeta have an “enemies to brovers” type of bromantic relationship. It all started when Vegeta scouted Goku’s power level as over 9,000, and the rest was history. These two friends also serve as friendly rivals for one another, and push each other to become more and more powerful. These two love each other so much that they’ll die for one another. And they do. Multiple times. Make sure you find time in your busy schedule to die for your best friend. If they’re really your friend they’ll find a way to bring you back!

2. The Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy, Nami, and Shanks featured on the color image ahead of One Piece chapter 1

The Straw Hat Pirates of One Piece are better friends than the cast of Friends itself. These people adore each other. So much so that they get the shit kicked out of themselves for each other on an at least twice daily basis. These people are always trying to die for each other. It’s because they’re more than friends. No they’re not a polyamorous commune, they’re a pirate crew. Which is basically the same thing! You and your best friend should find a few more friends and form a crew of your own! Then get a pirate ship and sail the seven seas together! Or lash a few golf carts together and be the scourge of the local country club!

1. Ash and Pikachu

Ash and Pika cuddling
(The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon‘s Ash and Pikachu have a friendship that is so legendary that it crosses species boundaries. These two don’t even speak the same language and yet they love each other more than anyone else on this list. In fact, they might as well speak the same language because their love seems to allow them to transcend natural animal/human communication barriers and understand each other’s souls. They are love to converse in the universal language of violence, and take great pleasure in inflicting it on whatever hapless Caterpie or Team Rocket member they come across. If you love your friend, rub your feet on a fuzzy rug in order to generate enough static electricity in your body that you can kill a caterpillar by touching it. Then put it in a ball and give it to your best friend to keep in their collection of other animals you’ve harmed as a gift for them! Now that is friendship.

(Featured image: Toei)

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