Jobu Tupaki (Stephanie Hsu) in a white hallway in Everything Everywhere All at Once

These ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Halloween Costumes Slay in Every Universe

We may all be small and stupid, but at least our costumes are great.

Here’s an uncontroversial opinion for a change: Everything Everywhere All at Once, the A24 sci fi thriller in which laundromat owner Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) learns to harness the power of the multiverse, was the best film of 2022. Hell, it’s one of the best sci-fi films ever. What makes it so spectacular? The emotional heart of the story is obviously the best part, with Evelyn reconciling with her husband Waymond (Ke Huy Quan) and daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu), but the visuals are incredible, too. Filmmakers Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert showed us just how wild the multiverse could be.

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Jobu Tupaki fights in an elaborate costume in Everything Everywhere All at Once

Now, fans are unveiling some amazing Halloween costumes based on the movie. Here are some of the best we found on Instagram!

Jobu Tupaki

Jobu Tupaki, an alternate version of Joy, had her mind shattered when her mother’s experiments went too far and she began to exist in every universe simultaneously. Jobu might be kind of evil and super unhappy, but damn, does she have fashion sense.

The best part? Stephanie Hsu herself is officially a fan of all the Jobu love!


In the movie, Evelyn is a bit confused about the movie Ratatouille. She knows it involves a furry creature controlling a chef by pulling his hair, but she thinks the main character Remy is a raccoon, and the movie is called Raccacoonie. What’s great about the multiverse, though, is that somewhere out there, Raccacoonie actually exists.

A Rock

In the movie, it turns out that life never evolved in most universes, so everything is just rocks. Those rocks are still able to have a poignant mother/daughter heart to heart, though.

Deirdre (including Deirdre with hot dog fingers)

One unexpectedly sweet part of the movie is the alternate universe love story between Evelyn and the cranky IRS auditor Deirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis). They both have hot dogs for fingers, because multiverse.

Group Costumes

Of course, it’s much more fun to dress up when you and your friends can recreate the movie with a group costume.

There are way more great costumes than we can fit here, but you can see them on Instagram by following the hashtag that Stephanie Hsu helpfully created, #EEAllOween. See you in the multiverse!

(featured image: A24)

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