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Anime Characters Who Are Totally ESFJs in the Myers-Briggs Test

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No seriously! I just want to make sure that you’re all good. I know you don’t really like parties that much, but you should get out there and talk to someone! Seriously, anybody you meet is going to love you. I do. And there are so many cool people here! I’d definitely go talk to the ISFPs in the room. They have some wild stories, they’re “adventurers” after all! I get it though, they can be a little hard to get to open up, so maybe give the ENFPs a try! Tamaki Suoh is over there and he’s so sweet. He can be a little much sometimes though. Someone needs to tell him that we aren’t all in love with him, you know? But, actually, I’d like to try meeting some ESFJ people. They’re really sweet and outgoing, and they love people. They’re also not nearly as intense. Whatever you do though, don’t talk to any cute guys with glasses that glare in the light. They’re probably INTJs and they can be… a little prickly sometimes.

Ochaco Uraraka

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You have got to talk to Ochaco! She’s awesome. Seriously. She’s the beating heart of the class of My Hero Academia, the group’s literal cheerleader! She’s friends with everyone! She’s really emotionally intelligent as well, and always tries to empathize and see the best in people. She also loves to laugh. It can be a little bit of a problem sometimes, but she deals with it! Some people think she’s kind of ditzy, but don’t listen to them. She’s hyper-focused on being the best hero that she can be, and I know she’s going to be great someday. She’s really interested in the rescue aspect of being a hero, and it makes sense. She’s always wanted to help others. She even can sympathize with villains. I know, it sounds like a little bit of a red flag. But villains are people too, you know?

Sakura Haruno

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I TOLD YOU YOU TWO WOULD HIT IT OFF. What were you worried about? Ochaco LOVED you. I could tell. Okay, now you have to meet my friend Sakura. She’s the best. She wasn’t always the nicest person. Sometimes she could be pretty rude to her friend Naruto, but honestly, he was pretty irritating when he was a kid, so I don’t blame her. But as she’s grown up she’s grown into herself, and she loves her friends. At first she only really loved Sasuke, but they’re dating now so I think she’s chilled out a little, and now, she’s more open to letting other people in. She and Naruto are really close now too. It’s super sweet to watch. It’s the reason why she’s such a powerful ninja, actually. When she was young she thought she could succeed through booksmarts alone, and she really didn’t put an emphasis on her physical training. She quickly realized that she needed to step up her game though, or she wouldn’t be able to defend her friends in battle. You should see her now. She’s really strong. Not just emotionally. I mean physically too. She could pick you up and throw you like five miles. She’d never do that, but… you know. She could.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon eats cake
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Yay!!! I saw you and Sakura exchange numbers. It looks like the beginning of a bee-yootiful friendship (if you don’t mind me saying so). Just text her and ask her to pick you up sometime! Not like that. I mean, yes, she could physically lift you really easily but I meant like in a car or something. Though maybe she doesn’t drive? I don’t know. Anyway! I want you to meet my friend Usagi Tsukino. The one over there eating cake! She’s the literal best. Probably the greatest magical girl there ever was. She has a heart made of 24 karat gold, and she sees the good in everyone, including her enemies! She always stands up for what’s right, even when it’s hard. And it gets hard a lot. She fights shapeshifting monsters and space demons on a weekly basis, and she’s still a student! Sure, she can be a little lazy sometimes, but what teenager isn’t? Even though she doesn’t always want to have to be the hero, she never fails to fight for those she cares for, and believes that everyone in the universe deserves love. But honestly, the most deserving person of love in the entire universe is you.

Miki Makimura

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LOOK AT YOU. YOU’RE ON FIRE. All my friends ADORE you. I can tell. You deserve it, seriously. You’re one of the sweetest people I know, and obviously, Usagi thought so too. I bet she’ll introduce you to the rest of the Sailor Scouts in no time. In the meantime, you gotta meet my friend Miki. She doesn’t have any special powers, but she might just be the bravest person in this room. She had a difficult life growing up in Japan because of her half-European background, and faced a lot of persecution because of it. Instead of making her jaded, it only made her more empathetic, and she values people for who they are on the inside above all else. She’s also a total badass. When her friends were held by the police at gunpoint, she stepped in front of them in order to defend them. The world also got pretty crazy once the demons started running amok, but she never once gave in to all the violence and anarchy that was plaguing the world. She and her family did their best to stay good. To be honest I’m really glad she came to this party. I have a feeling if she stuck around where she was, something really bad would have happened to her.

Winry Rockbell

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Seriously, you need to write a book called “How To Win Friends And Influence People: Part 2” because everyone loves you. I overheard you and Miki making plans to go running! That’s awesome. I’m really happy for you. Okay, if you’re not socially tapped out I want you to meet my friend Winry. She’s best friends with the boys from Full Metal Alchemist, and she is super cool. She loves working with automail, which are basically prosthetic limbs made out of metal. Her entire life is based around helping others and providing care for those in need. She makes custom prosthetics for people who have lost limbs, and she puts her heart and soul into her work. She’s the first person the the Full Metal Alchemist himself, Edward Alric, goes to when his limbs are in need of an upgrade or a repair. She can be a bit of a hothead sometimes (but honestly, so can Ed) so those two are usually fighting about something. But don’t get it wrong, she adores Ed and his little brother Al. She loves them like family. Well… can you keep a secret? She loves Edward a little bit more than that if you know what I mean. I think he does too, that’s why they’re always fighting. Young anime love, right?


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With the way you’re going, I bet you could win Prom King and Queen. The Most High Monarch of Popularity, that’s what you are! Seriously, everyone thinks you’re the coolest. Pretty smart to start by asking Winrey about automail. She loves to talk about it, but not everyone has the patience to listen when she gets into the weeds. Props to you for listening though. That’s honestly one of the best ways to make friends, just be a good listener! Okay, so now I want you to meet Diane, the person with the biggest heart here. Literally, she’s a giant! Well, “giantess” technically. What’d you say? She looks normal-sized? Yeah she does! But it’s only temporary. One of her friends, a magician named Merlin, made a pill for her that makes it so she’s the size of a regular person for a few hours a day. But once it wears off her head would go through the roof! I’m sure you’ve seen her around, but I don’t think you and Diane have ever met, have you? Thought so! Okay, so Diane is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of some of the most powerful warriors in the Kingdom of Leones. They each represent a sin, and Diane’s is the sin of envy. But don’t let that give you a bad impression of her! She’s honestly the sweetest member of the group. She ran away from her people, The Giant Clan, because they fought too much so she’s a softie at heart, but she isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in. And she fights really well. She has a giant hammer that she uses to pound the earth into oblivion. When she isn’t fighting she’s usually cuddling with the group’s leader Meliodas or goofing around with some of the other members. She also has a huge crush on one of the other sins, King. But it’s complicated because she lost her memories and doesn’t remember it. I have a feeling they’ll come back though. I could honestly see those two getting married at some point. Anyway, i’ll introduce you now! Just promise you’ll remember me when you get voted Prom Emperor of The Universe, okay?

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