Bennett Foddy, Evil Mastermind Behind QWOP, Releases the Unicorn-Based CLOP

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Bennett Foddy is something of an evil genius. He’s the creator behind your favorite Flash games you love to hate, nearly impossible running simulator QWOP, and its thankfully easier spiritual successor, rock climbing game GIRP. Now, for all those who wanted to torture themselves with yet another extremely difficult Flash game, Foddy has released CLOP, a unicorn runner. Obviously a play on QWOP mixed with the sound a horse hoof makes, CLOP starts off easier than QWOP, but then quickly becomes almost as difficult.

Like in QWOP, the player controls a runner — in this case a unicorn — and attempts to make it run using a combination of four keys, K, H, J, and L. The choice of keys brings instant difficulty, as it’s significantly difficult to control the keys with four fingers on just one hand, and the repetitive but alternative nature of the key presses makes it difficult to use a couple fingers from both hands in unison. It’s easier to get the unicorn steadily running in CLOP than it is to get Qwop running in QWOP, but after a gallop, the unicorn’s path fills with rocks and boulders, and the terrain doesn’t stay flat. You’ll hate the hill, and soon learn the unicorn is quite bottom-heavy.

As always with Foddy’s insane Flash games, they are extremely difficult, but oddly not frustrating, mainly because they’re so hilarious. Personally, I find the simple order of H then J, K then L to be the most efficient, though the frequency at which I fall over when I get halfway up the hill makes me think I need a new sequence of key presses. Give it a shot.

(via Bennett Foddy)

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