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QWOP Cosplay is the Best [Video]

The browser-based “hardest game ever,” QWOP, is so frustratingly difficult that it became a funny thing on the Internet rather than something that makes gamers throw their keyboards against the wall. The game, where the player controls a track and field runner, isn’t difficult in the traditional sense — stages don’t get harder, enemies don’t gain more health and power as time goes on, ammo isn’t scarce, and there aren’t any complex puzzles to solve. The reason why QWOP is difficult is because the controls are so obnoxiously frustrating, yet ridiculously simple (mapped to the titular Q, W, O, and P keys), that it takes a lot of practice to move the runner even ten seconds down the track.

The game has a bit of notoriety amongst gamers and fans of Internet culture, but for some reason, QWOP cosplay never even crossed my mind. I am so, so glad it has now.

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