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Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in What is Kinda-Sorta a New Monty Python Film

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Benedict Cumberbatch has signed on to play the lead role in Absolutely Anything, about a school teacher who develops magical powers after being visited by aliens voiced by four of the members of Monty Python.

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I… am not sure what to make of this.

According to The Wrap,

The story revolves around a teacher who discovers he has magical powers and can make things happen with the wave of his hand. He can wipe out classrooms of badly behaving students and bring people back to life. But he experiences mishap after mishap as he tries to learn how to use these powers.

The film is directed by Monty Python’s Terry Jones, who will also provide the voice for one of the animated aliens; the others will be voiced by Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, and John Cleese. (As for the other Monty Python members—Eric Idle isn’t involved in the film and Graham Chapman is dead.) Other cast members include Robin Williams, who will be doing some unspecified voiceover role, and Gemma Arterton. It’s written by Gavin Scott, whose most recognizable feature credit up to this point is the 1998 kid’s movie Small Soldiers.

I’m not all too with Cumberbatch’s work outside of Sherlock, but… this is pretty weird for him, yeah? It definitely looks like the polar opposite of the Brian Epstein biopic he’s starring in. I’m not 100% convinced this his involvement in Absolutely Anything isn’t some sort of collective fever dream the anglophile geek corner of the Internet is having. That said, I’ll never say no to another Monty Python (OK, it’s not technically Monty Python, but Monty Python-esque) film.


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