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DC Delays Batwoman #1 Again

Allow Us To Explain

DC Women Kicking Ass, your source for all things female in the DC Comics world as well as occasional ass-kickery, is reporting that the first two issues of Batwoman will be delayed, will not be published with the other May and June solicits, and have at this point in time been given no updated publication date.

Here’s why this is worth your time reading about.

  • Batwoman has already been delayed before. Issue #1 was originally slated to have hit shelves in February, it was bumped to May.
  • Batwoman will be one of a very, very few solo female characters to have her own ongoing series.
  • Batwoman will be the first lesbian superhero to receive an ongoing series in DC or Marvel.
  • The current Batwoman has been around for almost five years now. Her initial appearance in the series 52 was mishandled and flat in characterization. In 2009, when Batman got lost in time, her origin was given over to the masterful talents of Greg Rucka and J.H.Williams III and the pages of Detective Comics, where she headlined for almost a year. The story arc was called Elegy and it won a GLAAD award, was nominated for an Eisner, and Rachel freakin’ Maddow wrote the intro for its hardcover collection.

DC. You do not have a good track record with this character, one of the only things that kept this Batman fan sane and enjoying your comics when Grant Morrison decided, to paraphrase myself, that Batman would get lost in time because he tried to kill a god with the archetype of all bullets, turn into a living weapon that was going to destroy time itself unless he was killed and so the Justice League would put him in a state analogous to death for a few minutes and then bring him back to life so he could tell the world that he was funding organized vigilantism.

DC. You’ve already teased art from issue #1, so I’m not really worried that we’ll never see the series, I’m just worried that you have undervalued the series and character. Please don’t screw this up any further. It does not reflect well upon you.


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