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Holy Crap, This Marvel Fanvideo Is One of the Coolest Things I’ve Ever Seen

There are countless fan-made videos out there, many of them quite brilliant. But this one has to be among the very best.

Created by YouTuber vordeel (and titled after the Apashe & Panther song used in the video), the editing skill here goes beyond professional-level and ascends into high art. Every beat is perfect; every image seems to fit so well with the music that it’s like a waltz between the mediums. The transitions are so seamless that my jaw actually dropped the first time that I watched this. That it has more than 500k views means I’m not alone.

If you’re like me, wondering how you’re going to make it until Black Panther in February and Avengers: Infinity War in May, fan-made art can be sustaining. Fandom is a great place to play in the artistic sandbox that you love, and there are some hugely skilled people out there. I’ve edited one video in my life in a college film class and it took me an entire week and turned out basically unwatchable. I cannot even begin to imagine how this was done—the knowledge of the scenes, the gathered footage, piecing it together and having it match the music so perfectly. While vordeel says on their tumblr that they aren’t a film editor by trade, if I were Marvel higher-ups I might be trying to change that.

I want to show this video to all of my friends who don’t quite understand my obsession with the MCU and be like, “Look. Look at this. This is why.” The only problem with “Battle Royale” is that it’s only a minute and a half of pure, unadulterated awesome. Luckily, vordeel has created a lot of other videos, including more for the Avengers, Captain America, Star Wars, Hannibal, Kingsman, Black Sails and more. Join the almost 30,000 subscribers who have realized what a gift this creator is.

As a bonus, here’s their most recent video, which uses the footage we recently got from the Infinity War trailer to toy with my emotions on a deep level:

(Vordeel on YouTube, reblog on tumblr, image: screengrab/Marvel Studios)

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