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Ever Wonder How Batman Would Beat the Avengers?

Buckle Buckle Swash Swash

It is a question for the ages: What would the results be if Batman were to come head-to-head with each of the team from The Avengers? Their movies are already battling it out for records at the box office; it begs the question of what such a rivalry would look like face-to-face. Moviefone recruited artist Dennis Culver (of The Nicktoon Avengers and If Pixar Took Over the Summer Movies) to illustrate the different ways their readership suggested Bruce Wayne might take down the Avengers team. 

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For instance, it appears that Batman has a special bottle of Hulk-away that might come in handy…


Whereas Iron Man is taken out by the sheer power of Jack Daniels and the models bearing them…

And beats Thor with the simple proclamation that as an atheist he doesn’t believe in gods…

But his actions against Captain America are the harshest–at least to Steve Rogers–when he hits in with a paint bomb that renders him in the likeness of a…Canadian…GASP!

A more complete gallery can be found over at Moviefone.

(Dennis Culver via Moviefone)

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