PSA: Banksy Is in New York!

October is going to be a great month for New York art geeks.
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Get excited, fellow art geeks! Banksy is in New York for the month of October, and he’s attempting to host an entire art show on the streets of the city. He started yesterday, and as soon as we heard about today’s piece we headed over to catch it before it’s painted over or tagged by other graffiti artists.

You can follow Banksy’s NYC exploits on his website where it looks like he’ll be posting images throughout the month of October.

His second piece in the series is located on 25th st. on the north side between 10th and 11th avenues closer to the 10th ave side. We ran over to take the picture above, and were surprised to see not very many people around, so if you hurry you can still get a good look. (This reporter was able to walk right up to the thing and snap a few pictures.)

To give you a sense of scale and to show you that there really aren’t many people milling about, here’s a wider angle:

2013-10-02 13.08.17

Near Banksy’s first New York piece he also spraypainted a phone number (1-800-656-4271 #1) where people can call for a recorded message in the style of a museum audio tour. It’s funnier than it is informative, and for a toll free call, completely worth your time. You can also listen online.

We didn’t see any such number for this second piece, and there’s no similar audio recording posted to the site at the moment.

If you’re near the Chelsea neighborhood, why not take a coffee break and go see something beautiful?

We wonder if he’s got anything planned for Comic Con.

(Banksy via Gothamist, images via Glen Tickle)

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