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This Artist Gets Her Hands Dirty By Creating Images Out Of… Well, Dirt

All those times we were told not to play with dirt as kids! What were we thinking!


Paint is so passé these days, man. Why not make art out of trash? Or an upside-down urinal you found somewhere? Or how about dirt, even? Sarah Rosado sure likes that last one — she uses dirt to create illustrations as a part of a series she calls “Dirty Little Secrets.” To be honest, if she’d called it anything else, we’d be real disappointed.

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“I am always looking at other artists’ work online and was impressed by many works that include images created with food, flowers and other objects,” Rosado said in an e-mail. “This motivated me to come up with my own ideas and create images using dirt. I have not seen this before and felt it would be challenging for me to come up with an idea to shape dirt into everyday objects and accessorize it to create a 3-D effect.”

Dirt sounds like an incredibly strange tool to use for illustration, but as you can see, it works surprisingly well if you’re willing to give it a shot.





And here’s one more picture of her in action.

You can check out more of Rosado’s work on her website.

(via Sarah Rosado)

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