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‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Dethrones One of the Best Animals in the Game in Latest Patch

Hiss! I say HISS!

Because Baldur’s Gate 3 is so massive (especially Act 3), it’s impossible to remember every non-playable character I talk to, regardless of voice talent. If these NPCs aren’t important to the story, hilarious, or very hot, I don’t think twice about them. One major exception is the brief interaction I experienced with the hairless cat in Act 2, His Majesty. (For those who have no idea why His Majesty is beloved, I implore to to please use Speak With Animals!) Unfortunately, a recent change in Patch 3 feels like it downgraded the feline from royalty to peasantry.

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**Spoilers for Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3.**

Players will no longer find a snarky, bald cat lounging around the Last Light Inn. Instead, they’ll find a snarky, long-haired orange and white feline. They gave my boy hair! This isn’t a bug. The patch notes imply this change prevents His Majesty from looking too much like Steelclaw, another cat you meet in Act 2, found in Moonrise Towers. The notes add, “His Majesty’s appearance now befits his name and nature.” Sorry, y’all, but this ain’t it and I’m not the only person who thinks this.


the new patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 has committed a grave crime Larian you have 24 hours to respond #baldursgate3 #baldursgate #bg3

♬ original sound – Rants

Now he looks like a common cat! Did these cats look identical before? Sure. However, they are both awesome and voiced very differently and by different actors. Some concluded that the blight of Shadow Cursed Lands caused hair loss among cats. Others hypothesized they were family due to Isobel’s relation to General Ketheric Thorm. I think a little change would’ve been sufficient enough to differentiate them, rather than adding the fluff. Maybe something like a clipped ear, discolored eyes, or skin marking to differentiate the cats? I don’t know; I don’t make games.

His Majesty, first of his name, at the Last Light Inn

Not that His Majesty’s popularity was ever in doubt, but there’s been a growing fanbase as the game has settled. I’m not sure how much this major cosmetic change to His Majesty will change this. For example, choosing to admire the feline while Astarion is in the party will earn you approval up to two times, because of course it would.

Recently, Senior Voice Director and Senior Casting Director Beth Parker revealed that His Majesty and Withers were voiced by the same person—Stephen Boxer. In addition to appearing in TV series like The Crown and Sense8, the U.K. actor has appeared in a number of games like Elden Ring and We Happy Few. Even in BG3, you can hear him when interacting with Dravo Flymm, the Goblin Tracker, Gondlemead, and more. Parker continued, “I know what you’re thinking. ‘No way no one man can contain that multitude!’ Well, I brought the receipts.”


Replying to @Seaning Baruffmeng I think he should get a Cameo as he’s keen to connect with you all but doesn’t have socials, what do you think guys? @Cameo ? #bg3 #hismajesty #voiceactor #motioncaptureactor #voicedirector

♬ Baldur’s Gate 3 Main Theme – Celestial Aeon Project & Medieval Dreamers

If they wanted to tweak something with this character, I’d like to ask for them to offer dialogue and animation for those who bring the cat milk! After all, part of his distrust of Isobel is that she apparently lied to him about a bowl of milk. Given his pompous demeanor and Isobel’s kindness, I’m not sure how true this is. Regardless, I stole the shallow bowl of milk sitting on the Selûnite’s balcony alter to the moon goddess. However, no matter how I place it in from of m’Lord, he doesn’t respond, and I’m not the only person who’s tried this!

UPDATE 10/4/2023: Larian reversed course and shaved the cat.

(featured image: Larian Studios)

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