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‘Azula in the Spirit Temple’ Release Date, Pre-Order, Plot and More

Azula in the Spirit Temple comic book cover

Azula in the Spirit Temple is an upcoming comic book from Dark Horse that will see one of Avatar’s most complex characters receive a much-needed solo story. Ever since Avatar: The Last Airbender concluded its run on Nickelodeon after 3 seasons, it has found new ways to continue. In addition to spurning a sequel series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and two live-action remakes, Avatar: The Last Airbender comic books have also served as a canon continuation of the series. Dark Horse Comics has been collaborating with Avatar Studios for over a decade to produce a series of graphic novels that serve as a direct continuation of the series. These graphic novels have taken the forms of trilogies or standalone stories and have tackled characters from Aang to Zuko to Toph to Suki.

The first several stories were written by Gene Leung until Faith Erin Hicks took over from him. So far, she has created multiple stories that hone in on the female characters first introduced in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Hence, it isn’t surprising Dark Horse Comics’ next Avatar: The Last Airbender comic book, written by Hicks, will be a standalone story featuring Azula. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula (Grey DeLisle) was the younger sister of Prince Zuko (Dante Basco). She had a very tragic storyline in the series, as she was a gifted firebender and prodigy who, unfortunately, suffered a mental breakdown due to her paranoia and narcissism.

Since the show ended, she has had several appearances in comic books. Initially, she was kept in a mental asylum by Zuko, but after multiple attempts at escaping and accompanying him in finding their mother, she remained free and continued challenging and manipulating Zuko behind the scenes, seemingly genuinely believing she was helping make him a better Fire Lord. Her new standalone novel, though, Azula in the Spirit Temple, may give her storyline a more satisfying conclusion.

Azula in the Spirit Temple release date

Azula in the Spirit Temple will hit bookshelves on September 26, 2023, releasing in bookstores like Barnes and Noble and online on Amazon. On September 27, the book will release in comic book shops, as well.

Azula in the Spirit Temple pre-order

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Azula in the Spirit Temple
(Dark Horse Books)

Azula in the Spirit Temple is currently available for pre-order on for $11.69. It is also available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble and many local comic book shops.

Azula in the Spirit Temple plot

Grey DeLisle as Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Azula in the Spirit Temple will pick up where the comics last left off, with her now free and continuing to wreak havoc on Zuko’s reign of the Fire Nation. As said above, she has presented the weak argument that her actions are helping to shape Zuko into a better leader. However, her actions are largely villainous and even include her attempting to stir rebellion and dissent against Zuko. In Azula in the Spirit Temple, though, she may finally be receiving her comeuppance.

The comic book will see her launching a new attack on some aspects of the Fire Nation. When it backfires, she takes refuge in an isolated temple inhabited by a monk to wait out whatever trouble she has gotten herself into this time. However, the place is not what it seems and forces her to come to terms with her past. It also may offer her the one thing that seemed almost unattainable—redemption. Check out the official synopsis below:

Azula continues her destabilization campaign against the Fire Nation and her brother, Fire Lord Zuko. But after a failed attack on her latest target, Azula finds herself in a mysterious forest temple inhabited by a solitary monk. What first seems like a place to safely pass the night is quickly revealed to be something horrifyingly different. Azula is forced to confront her past and will finally face her chance at redemption…but will she take it?

Redemption is an aspect that many fans have hoped Azula would be offered. As said above, her story is quite tragic, and many of her issues can be traced back to her dysfunctional family. She was just far too young to have gone down the dark path that she ultimately went on. Hence, Azula has always been a character that evokes sympathy from viewers. Despite this, she has never been too receptive to redemption. All of Zuko’s attempts to help her have led to her stabbing him in the back, and her stints in confinement did little to stir any remorse or reform within her. This is why it will be especially interesting to see redemption offered to her and her response to it in Azula in the Spirit Temple.

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