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All Hail the New Ruler of England: Young Girl Finds Sword in Lake From King Arthur Legend

Hear that? That's the sound of a new ruler of England being chosen in traditional Arthurian-era fashion: by finding a sword in a lake.

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Drew Barrymore Working on Female-Focused Horror Anthology With The CW, Black Rose Anthology

Drew Barrymore's delving back into the horror genre, as she's currently working with the CW on an anthology called Black Rose Anthology.

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L’Oreal Fires Trans Model After She Wrote a Facebook Post About Systemic Racism

What a backwards move.

The irony is thick, as they believe that they are actually championing diversity by firing a trans woman of color for talking about systemic racism.

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Get Hype for Force Friday II With These Rad Release Event Photos of All the Awesome Merch

Holly Christine Brown, one of our intrepid contributors set out to snap some photos of a few Force Friday II release events in her hometown.

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White House Reportedly Moves to End DACA, Potentially Resulting in Deportations for 800,000 Children and Youth

After a report last week mentioning that Donald Trump is "seriously considering" ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, it comes to light today that the White House will soon be moving to follow through on ending the Obama-era program.

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Select Your Character: Why Games Need More Non-Binary Character Options

I don’t have the option to faithfully recreate myself in a game if I wanted to. My ability to digitally translate myself is taken away by that very first character creation option: Gender.

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Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water Is Shaping Up to Be a Hit

Reviews are starting to pour in for Guillermo del Toro's new film, The Shape of Water, and the water's looking mighty fine for this fantastic Creature From the Black Lagoon-esque love story.

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Pete Souza Posts Photos of Obama Visiting With Hurricane Sandy Victims, Contrasting Trump’s Terrible Harvey Visit

Pete Souza continues to deliver first class shade to the Trump administration.

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Things We Saw Today: Overwatch Fans Are Enamored With the Queen of Junkertown

Fans of Overwatch have been flocking to profess their love for a character who features heavily in a brand new map coming to the game: the Queen of Junkertown.

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Mattis Orders Freeze on Trans Military Ban, But That’s What He Was Ordered to Do in the First Place

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has announced that he's still allowing trans people to serve in the military, despite the White House's orders directing the Department of Defense to ban trans people. But that's what he was told to do in the trans ban guidelines anyway.

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Terry Pratchett’s Unfinished Stories Meet Their End Underneath a Steamroller

Rob Wilkins, who managed Pratchett's estate, posted photos of Terry Pratchett's old hard drive full of unfinished stories being smashed by a steamroller.

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Hear the Opening Sonnet of Romeo and Juliet Performed in the Accent Most Used in Shakespeare’s Time

Ben Crystal, a British voice actor and artist, recently performed the opening sonnet of Romeo and Juliet with what is considered the closest approximation of what actors may have sounded like when Shakespeare was still alive.

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Things We Saw Today: Reggie Watts Pays Tribute to John Boyega in the Best Way Possible

Reggie Watts' dulcet tones pair well with an infectiously catchy melody, all of which serves as a fitting tribute to the wonderful, inimitable John Boyega. Boy-eyey-ga!

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Help Tell a Story That Needs to Be Told: Missing Explores the Cruel Realities of Human Trafficking in an RPG

MISSING: The Complete Saga aims to tell the story of a young girl faced with the cruel realities of human trafficking by way of an RPG.

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Luke Cage Season 2 Peek Shows Off Misty Knight’s Badass New Bionic Arm

I am all about this photo. Just, like, all about it. Everything. Forever.

Entertainment Weekly just shared our first look at Misty Knight post-Defenders, where she lost her arm in a fight with Bakuto, one of the members of the Hand (lot of arm action going on, eh).

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New TV Show Will Explore Julia Child’s Time as a Spy

ABC’s Julia will draw from the chef’s experiences at a World War II-era intelligence agency.

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Chase Strangio, Chelsea Manning’s Lawyer, Shares Wisdom About Trans Healthcare

This is a thread you'll definitely want to read, and though Chase Strangio explicitly addresses reporters and the way that they write about trans healthcare, it's helpful to anyone who might need to reframe the way they think about trans healthcare in general.

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Ugh, Finally: Stormfront, Longest Running White Supremacist Website, Booted Offline

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Stormfront, the oldest, longest-running white supremacist website, was kicked offline on Friday.

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Here’s How the U.S. Is Messing Everything Up in Texas

I know where Trump can stick that "thumbs up."

As Hurricane Harvey continues to pound on the city of Houston and all of southeast Texas, the Mexican government has offered to aid the state and its beleaguered citizens in its evacuation and recovery efforts.

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Monday Cute: A Pony Sneezed So Hard It Fell Over


I just. I can't even with this video.

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