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Why Isn’t This Steampunk AT-AT Liquor Cabinet Already in My Posession?

It's a shiny science fiction reference full of booze! Those are all of my favorite things!


Oh my God. Would you look at this thing? This gorgeous piece of art that amazing woodworker Colin Johnson has produced. It’s a steampunk-inspired liquor cabinet made to resemble the walking AT-ATs from The Empire Strike Back. It probably doesn’t do any actual walking since it’s mostly made from mahogany and brass trim, but that’s for the best, really. God forbid your alcohol start to walk away from you while you’re trying to get at it. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Colin doesn’t specify how tall or wide this wonderful bit of carpentry is, but I don’t care too much about dimensions because I would literally build my house around it in order to accomodate it, like that tree-bed from The Odyssey. Am I being a little overdramatic in comparing what is basically a fancy booze-holder for nerds to a classic staple of Western literature? Maybe. I’m sure you see where I’m coming from, though. I mean, check out the amazingly detailed head on this piece:


Jesus take the wheel, it even has little cannons on it. I cannot deal with this.

If you were lucky enough to visit her (Colin calls it a her! Even better!) while she was only display at the Hot Art Wet City Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, then I envy you. I envy you so much.

(via Neatorama, image via Colin Johnson)

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