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Artist Makes Life-Size Mummy Out of McDonald’s Food

Texan artist Ben Campbell had around 200 bucks and did what any artist would do: Spend it all on McDonald’s, then use the food to create a life-size mummy. Don’t worry, though, Campbell isn’t entirely crazy; he’s been working on an art show with the focus of relating ancient Egyptian society to modern day society, and his McDonald’s mummy is simply a part of the show. It’s not like he was lacking in the friends department and decided to make one out of fast food, probably.

A clever parallel here is that McDonald’s is somewhat known for its slow rate of decay — just like mummies! Humorously (or possibly insanely), Campbell wants his McDonald’s art to get the attention of the corporation, going so far as to title his Facebook presence as “Get Ben Sued By McDonald’s.”

As with everything else on the Internet nowadays, Campbell’s art show has its own Kickstarter, and at the time of this post, only has one backer with seventeen days to go, and is currently $2,490 short of its $2,500 goal. A few of the pledge reward tiers are probably some of the most unique on Kickstarter, as $10 will get you a pack of mummified McDonald’s fries, and $700 will get you a child McDonald’s food mummy sculpture.

Here’s a video for Campbell’s art show:

(via Oddity Central)

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