The New Arrested Development Episodes Have Found a Home at Netflix

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It’s officially official, everyone: the new episodes of Arrested Development that will lead up to the feature film will run exclusively on Netflix! Production has already started on the new episodes and they are expected to hit the DVD/streaming service in early 2013. But you know what’s even better? Knowing, for sure, that this is really, finally, actually happening!

There are two parts of this news that are noteworthy: the fact that the brand new Arrested Development episodes have an official home and possible start date and the addition of more original content for Netflix. The rental service announced its first original series, the David Fincher/Kevin Spacey-produced House of Cards, back in March. Since then, they’ve also been in the process of acquiring Orange Is the New Black, a series by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan. And now, Fox is calling this new deal with their former show “a game changer.” 20th Century Fox TV chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman also said:

“We build brands at this studio which are so distinctive that audiences still clamor for them years after they go off the air. Arrested Development is a great example of that — it has stood the test of time. This innovative deal with Netflix represents a new business model that is extremely exciting and opens the door for a wide range of new collaborations.”

We reported just last month that there would be a new Arrested Development mini-series that would lead up to the feature-length movie, which was an uncertainty until earlier this year. But it’s now been confirmed (perhaps to death, because of all the back-and-forth) that this is all really going to happen, that the entire cast is on board — including Ron Howard as the narrator — and that it will cover what happened to everyone in the five years since we last saw Bluth and Company.

Every time we cover this, it gets more interesting, you guys. Watch this space for any and all upcoming developments!

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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