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Will Arnett Says So: Arrested Development Movie Still Happening (Really)

Oh Really?

No, really guys: It’s going to happen. Probably. No, seriously. After all these years of conflicting reports and non-committal stars, Will Arnett talked about the Arrested Development movie on Marc Maron‘s podcast, WTF With Marc Maron, and said that the script is in the works. Which is what they always say, but okay. But he also said it should be in theaters next year. Wait, what? Okay, we’re listening.

The entire podcast can be heard at Maron’s site, and we will certainly not deter you from listening to it. (Because that podcast is awesome, according to Me.) But basically, this month, he really, truly, actually says that this is happening.

“But we are gonna make the Arrested Development movie … And Mitch Hurwitz, who is really just a brilliant, brilliant guy, is in the process right now of concocting something that’s really kind of unexpected, I think. That I really don’t want to give away, but I think the fans are going to be really satisfied.”

The AD discussion starts at about 1:08:54 in the podcast. So, next year, everyone. Let’s hope everyone comes on board for this. (We’re looking at you, Hollywood Celebrity Michael Cera.) Make room in the freezer for bananas. And someone track down Annyong, please?

(WTF With Marc Maron via Mashable)

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