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Autotune Rebuttal To “Are Video Games Sexist” Will Salvage Some Of Your Hope For Humanity



Prolific singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann has written a lot of smart ditties on topical subjects (we previously covered his take on Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s¬†Hobby Lobby¬†dissent) but this might be my favorite yet. Earlier this week we posted “Factual Feminist” Dr. Christina Sommers’ video “Are Video Games Sexist?” in which she calls for “hipster [critics] with degrees in cultural studies” to stop critiquing games and gamer culture. For anyone who was too annoyed by the video to articulate all its flaws, Mann’s amazing autotune rebuttal is a catchy, concise and smart critique of Sommers’ ridiculous rhetoric. It’s hilarious, too–at least until that ending collection of online threats.

(via Polygon)

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