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Hey, They Made Another Brainy Barbie: Architect Barbie

i'll just leave this here

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am in favor of whatever geeky/computery/mathy Barbies that Mattel wants to roll out, no matter how pink or ridiculous.  And it’s certainly not because I have any nostalgia for Barbie herself.  So, why?

Because somewhere out there is a little girl who wants to be a computer engineer or an architect, and she’s got some well meaning but distant relative who’s just trying to get her a toy that she’d like, based primarily on the fact that she’s a girl and girls like dolls, right?  And when that relative hands over a Barbie I Can Be Architect doll, instead of feeling like she’s weird for not liking what “normal” girls are expected to like, that little girl is going to feel just a little bit more accepted by society.

And no, I don’t accept the argument that the accessories are all wrong.  Architect Barbie comes with a hard hat, a tiny model of her proposed dream house, a pink blueprint case, glasses, and high heeled boots.  Okay, so heels aren’t that great for construction sites.  Look at what Doctor Barbie comes with:

Yeah, that’s a medical bag, stethoscope, brush, two tongue depressors and three lollipops.  And she’s wearing strappy pink heels.

These are dolls, not die cast collectors items.  Eeeevery body relax.

But if somebody were to make 80’s business woman Barbie, I might actually buy that.

(via Jezebel.)

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