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I Can’t Decide Which Anime Intro Is Better: Spongebob or Overwatch

Top ten anime betrayals.

I’m a sucker for anime-inspired re-interpretations of non-anime things.

Don’t know what I mean? Sure you do. Here, take a look:

Yeah, you saw that right. That’s Spongebob Squarepants, but done up as an anime intro. It’s got all the hallmarks: strong emoting, swishy backgrounds, extreme close-ups, and a hell of a lot of plot introduced in a short, two minute introduction. I mean, I watched this once, and I feel like I saw no less than twenty different spoilers for this hypothetical anime. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that per se, but I mean, it just makes it that much more funnier. Also, forgive me if I don’t feel too sad over anime Patrick’s death; remember, he’s a starfish, he’s totally going to regenerate those lopped off bits nice and easy. That’s the twist. I just ruined your anime twist with some marine biology. You’re welcome.

Okay, so that’s the Spongebob anime intro. But what about this Overwatch one?

If you’ve read any of my words on this site, then you know I’ve got a soft spot for Overwatch, too, so I found myself totally crying (not gonna lie) while watching this absolutely out of this world anime opening for a video game. (I’ll take “Words I Never Thought I’d Type in my Professional Career” for 800, Alex.)

It, too, has everything you need in a typical anime intro: epic fight scenes, names of the entire cast scrolling by super fast, really rad highlights, and it’s also able to harp on the central conflict present within Overwatch‘s there-and-not-there plot.

So, reader, I find myself torn. I don’t know which one I like the most. I find myself leaning a little bit more towards the Overwatch one simply because hey, it’s Overwatch, and I’m obviously desperate for some straight up plot-driven Overwatch content. But the other one is Spongebob, and it really presents a compelling (heh) case for a super dramatic, super banana hammock-y (I see you, Patrick), even violent take on the series. It’s innovative, in other words.

Sure, I could say I like them both equally, but come on, that’s just … that’s too easy. Which one do you like?

(via io9, image: screengrab)

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