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#AnimatedBlackGirls Celebrates Diversity In Cartoons Past and Present

'Susanna "Susie" Yvonne Ain't Have No Time For White Kid Shenanigans Carmichael' - can that really be her name, please?

It’s easy to despair and think about the representation that’s not there. But something equally important is celebrating – and in many cases reminding people of – what already is there. TyTheRobot, editor over at, started an awesome hashtag – #AnimatedBlackGirls – to get people talking about their favorite black, female cartoon characters, past and present. Over 13,000 Twitter users chimed in about their faves! Like Son of Baldwin above, lots of people went way retro, while others mined their childhoods, reminding us of awesome black women and girls who’ve been a part of some of our favorite shows:

Oh yeah, and some people’s childhoods aren’t even that long ago (I’M SO OLD), so there’s some more recent stuff from other people’s “childhoods” while I was graduating college and getting a damn grown-up job:

And of course, there’s the more modern and current #AnimatedBlackGirls that we love:


And this badassery deserves to stand all on its own:

Here’s to recognizing that women of color have always played important roles in the media we consume, and here’s to continuing to inspire young people of color with new examples that they can look up to!

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