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Angela Merkel Is All Of Us At the G20 Summit

Angela Merkel was in no mood at the G20 Summit, a gathering of the world’s self-appointed 20 major economies. She closed the event by stating that she “deplore[s]” Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement and emphasizing the United States’ isolation in doing so, and she was repeatedly photographed giving Trump and Putin the scathing looks they so deserve throughout the Summit.

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Of course, Merkel is no perfect politician herself. She opposed gay marriage in Germany (though she still put it to a vote, knowing it would win). She said some pretty callous stuff about refugees. While the G20 summit was going on, protests rocked Hamburg and police cracked down on protesters, arresting more than 100 people.

But it was still a relief, after having so many right-wingers tell me I’m “crazy” or “out-of-touch” when I point out the danger and mind-blowing ignorance of Trump’s policies, to see someone in power echo exactly my sentiments on Trump’s ignorant ideas, the reality of climate change, and Putin’s pathetic machismo.

This, for example, is the face I make every time Trump speaks.

Merkel was also caught eye-rolling at Vladimir Putin, who looks like he is passionately mansplaining something about suppressing dissidents.

She did not let up with her antipathy to Putin, scowling at him in another group photo.

Lastly, she closed the G20 Summit with a press conference (unlike Trump) in which she let everyone know her true feelings on Trump’s Paris decision. Speaking on the Paris Accord, she said: “You are familiar with the American position. You know that, unfortunately – and I deplore this – the United States of America left the Climate Agreement, or rather, announced their intention of [leaving it].”

Trump, meanwhile, was pouting off by himself.

(Via Twitter and The Guardian; image via Shutterstock)

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