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Someone Needs to Stop Android’s Naming Convention: Key Lime Pie Name Leaked, Comes After Jelly Bean


Though Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t particularly old as of yet, the next Android operating system after that has already been leaked, Jelly Bean. Even though that operating system isn’t even out yet, the one following that one has possibly been leaked, dubbed Key Lime Pie. So, on top of Android’s alphabetical order and dessert naming convention, we’re now possible two operating systems ahead of the current one. Android seems to be getting ahead of itself.

As Apple does with desktop operating systems, Android has found a naming convention they like and are sticking to it, taking it one step further than names that all share a theme, and have been releasing the names alphabetically. While the convention was cute once upon a time, Ice Cream Sandwich has always seemed like a stretch and a little out of place, but if the leaks are true, we’re now two unreleased operating systems into the future.

There’s no word yet as of when the world might see Key Lime Pie — we haven’t even seen the operating system that is supposed to release before it, Jelly Bean — but within the next year or two is probably a safe guess, considering how quickly operating systems tend to release nowadays.

We should play a guessing game. We know Android’s naming convention is desserts (or sweets, depending on how you look at it) in alphabetical order, and we have J and K. Will Key Lime Pie’s follow up be Licorice? Will the follow-up to Licorice be Molasses? Will Google just give up and name the one after that Nutella? There will probably be some kind of licensing issue. Either way, have fun with Android Oatmeal Cookie in 2016, and remember, you heard it here first.

(via The Verge)

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