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Chrome Browser Comes to Android, Extends Reach Even Further

Late last year, Google’s Chrome browser finally overtook Firefox in global usage. Now, Chrome is making new strides in its quest for dominance and coming to Android. For the moment, it’s still in beta and relatedly only available for Ice Cream Sandwich users, but even so, it looks pretty sweet. Along with speed increases and better UI, mobile Chrome intends to make good use of its desktop sibling.

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One of the biggest things to be excited about for mobile Chrome — or to be afraid of, depending on who you are — is the cross-platform capability. In its video introducing the beta, Google highlights your ability to go straight from the desktop to the phone, preserving your tabs, your bookmarks, presumably your search history, and much, much more. Although this would probably come in handy, you may not exactly want all your desktop activity being shot right over to your phone. That said, I have to imagine there’s a way to limit what’s shared, or prevent sharing all together.

I’m running the custom Republic Wireless rom on an Optimus, so it’s nothing I’ll get to play with yet, but I’m hopeful that it’ll make its way to me eventually. My desktop Chrome usage is far from efficient or organized, but if I know it’ll be beamed to my phone, maybe I’ll clean up my tabs more often or something.

(via Engadget)

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