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I Guess We Have to Go Back and See an Extended Avengers: Endgame Again

the gang is all here for avengers: endgame.

Three hours of Avengers: Endgame not enough for you? Well, there’s an extended cut coming your way! To boost the global box office for the film, Kevin Feige announced that the movie will be rereleased with extra footage. So how long exactly is this movie going to be? At this point, I’m fully prepared to sit in the theater for the next week and a half watching all the footage available.

In an effort to beat the record that is currently being held by James Cameron’s Avatar, Disney plans to rerelease the film to help push them towards the $45 million that the film has to make in order take the top spot. Honestly, if you’re going to give me more footage, then yeah, I am going to go back—taking down Avatar is just a bonus.

After giving the news to, Feige told Screen Rant that the new footage will appear after the end of the credits, and … fine, okay, I can sit through all of Avengers: Endgame and be a crying mess just to see some new footage. Because, as much as I pretend like I’m okay and have grown past it, I’m going to end up crying through Tony Stark’s funeral every time, and that’s something I have to live with.

Still, Twitter is mixed on whether or not people want to love the re-release or complain about it being a very clear cash-grab so that the movie can beat Avatar.

I say beat Avatar. I hate that movie, and I hate that James Cameron keeps having this chip on his shoulder about superhero movies because his movie still holds records. So I want Avengers: Endgame to beat it for selfish reasons, but whatever. You can go next weekend to see Avengers: Endgame again, and I most definitely will because I’m a sucker for all things Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

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