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Sony To Release A Spider-Man Film Every Year, Assumes Anyone Cares

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Also: A new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and confirmation that director Marc Webb will be returning to direct a third Spider-Movie. Hopefully he won’t pull a Raimi and turn in something completely awful. But even if he does… seriously, does anyone care about this series?

The news broke a while back of Sony’s intentions to rake in some more of that Spider-Man moolah by making Sinister Six and Venom movies, with the Star Trek reboots’ Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and The Cabin in the Woods‘ Drew Goddard, respectively, writing. And we also knew that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4 are in the pipeline, because seriously, Spidey represents the only really lucrative franchise they have their hands on (they have a stake in James Bond, but not a particularly large one), and they’re gonna milk him for all he’s worth.

But a recent piece in Variety gives us a better idea of just how much Sony’s been looking at Marvel Studios and saying “That. We’re going to do that.” In it, co-chairman Amy Pascal is quoted as saying “We are expanding the Spider-Man universe into The Sinister Six and Venom so that we have ‘Spider-Man’ movies every year.” That’ll probably start in 2016 when The Amazing Spider-Man 3 comes out, unless they really want to rush Venom or Sinister Six into production.

That’s an awful big commitment for a franchise that—pardon me, The Amazing Spider-Man fans—not many people seem to be particularly invested in. Maybe I’m too immersed in the blogging bubble, but when most superhero films are announced there’s a palpable level of excitement. Sinister Six and Venom…. well, if people were into it, I sure didn’t see much evidence, and I’m on the Internet every day. The Amazing Spider-Man met the very low bar of “decent and inoffensive” (review here). It’s not bad, but it’s also not something I want to sit through five (or even one!) more movie of. Its biggest draw is its actors, but Andrew Garfield has sounded less than enthusiastic in the past about returning for a fourth film. That could, it’s important to note, just be him pulling an RDJ and angling for more money.

Regardless, as Collider points out, the Spider-Verse is a lot less expansive than what the MCU has at their disposal. I just can’t imagine that ‘verse sustaining interest without a massive, massive uptick in quality. Judging by the new trailer, it doesn’t like we’ll be getting that; I was bored 15 seconds in. Gimme something new or GTFO.

And here’s that trailer. Warning for dubstep starting at 1:45.

(via: Collider, Geekosystem)

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