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The Post-Secret Wars Avengers Have Been Fully Revealed!

Amazing! Spectacular! Ultimate, even.


After teasing us all with a silhouetted cover earlier in the week, Marvel has finally revealed the lineup of the “All New, All Different” Avengers through Wired, and it’s got some universe-shaking implications.

Of course, the big addition is front and center: Unless our eyes—or a spandex bodysuit and mask—are deceiving us, that’s Miles Morales, the Ultimate universe’s Spider-Man. Miles joining the main Marvel universe after it collides with the Ultimate universe in Secret Wars is a pretty big deal both for the comics and for fans hoping to see him on the big screen. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that’ll happen any time soon, there’s certainly more hope now than ever.

Then there’s Sam Wilson as Captain America, The Vision, an Iron Man—who some have speculated is actually Pepper Potts—and Nova in addition to Ms. Marvel and the new Thor. The official cover lacks creative team credits, but a leaked version that showed up last night listed Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar, and Laura Martin.

Wired also debuted the cover for The Uncanny Inhumans, another book that will pick up after Secret Wars.


Both titles are coming on Free Comic Book Day (May 2).

So, are you pumped to see three people of color and at least two women in the new Avengers lineup? Whipped up into a complete fan-frenzy over Miles Morales becoming a bigger part of Marvel’s plans? All of the above and so much more?

(via Wired)

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