Goku looks at a purple opponent in Dragon Ball Super.

All ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga Arcs in Order

When the world has got me down, I want to escape away to a fantasy universe populated by strong people named after nutritious food. Sorry, did I just blow your mind? Yes, everyone in Dragon Ball Z is named after food. Usually vegetables. Don’t believe me? Piccolo = Pickle. Vegeta = Vegetable. Kakarot = Carrot. Goku = Koku (an old Japanese term for rice). Raditz = Radish. Chi Chi = Milk (or “breasts,” thanks for making it weird, guys).

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And it doesn’t stop there. Basically EVERYONE is named a food. Sometimes they don’t even change it to sound different! There’s a guy named Pilaf! PILAF. And the manga carries on the tradition as well. Wanna know the manga arc order for DBZ Super and how it relates to food?

Just look:

  1. God of Destruction Beerus Saga – Chapters 1-4
  2. Universe 6 Saga – Chapters 5-13
  3. “Future” Trunks Saga – Chapters 14-26
  4. Universe Survival Saga – Chapters 27-42
  5. Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga – Chapters 42-67
  6. Granolah the Survivor Saga – Chapters 67-78
  7. Universe 7 Saga
    • Super Hero Saga – Chapters 88- (ongoing)

Beerus = Beer. And if that doesn’t convince you, there’s a guy named GRANOLAH. Just take off the “h” at the end! Or don’t! Same difference! Isn’t it just glorious? A universe populated by powerful (and edible) heroes whose names culminate in what could be considered the longest running Dad joke of all time? Glorious.

The only guy who doesn’t fit with the program is Trunks. He’s named after underwear. Along with the rest of his family. The Briefs family. Bulma = Buruma (or “bloomers”) and there’s quite literally a lady named Bikini. Oh, DBZ, as if I didn’t love you enough already.

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