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Holy Crap, It Is All 156 New Pokémon from Pokémon Black and White

1. The names, types, and pics for all 156 Pokémon in Pokémon Black and White have been released; click above to catch see ’em all.

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2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few thoughts:*As you can see on Serebii, not all of the base stats have been released for each Pokémon: However, those that have been are reasonably balanced compared to what we’ve seen in past games. Blissey had 255 base HP, and Shuckle had 230 base defense; there’s nothing even comparable here, though there are a few 130s, 135s, and 140s. The highest here is adorable sunfish Mamanbou’s 165 base HP.

*There are some novel type combinations that we haven’t seen before, but not very many look all that good. James: “It seems they’re mixing the ‘scary’ types with regular types to make new combos. Dark/steel, ground/ghost, don’t remember those.” Something like Dark/Steel sounds cool, except it’s 4x weak against fighting and only neutralizes Dark’s ghost weakness; no defense against Steel’s ground or fire weaknesses. There’s a lot of stuff like that, and it gets worse when you throw elemental types in, like the hilariously weakness-riddled Dragon/Ice Kyuremu.

*Remember: We are stuck with these. The creators of Black and White have stated that none of the old Pokémon will be in the game as a means of starting the series afresh for new players;  we assume that there will be some means of porting the old Pokémon over from other games, but even that isn’t officially the case.

(via Seribii; title pic via ONTD via TDW)

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