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Create Your Own Adventures in New Adventure Time Browser Game

Grabbing your friends is mandatory.


Ever wanted to play your very own BMO? Well too bad, but this new flash game on Cartoon Network’s official website is the closest thing we’re gonna get right now. It allows you to create your own little Adventure Time games that wouldn’t be out of place next to Guardians of Sunshine and Bug Battle. Yes, you too can now make your own adventure for Finn and Jake to have. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like that one episode where they shipped the tiny versions of themselves.

After playing around with the game “for research,” I have to say that developer Yamago did a very nice job putting it together. The process of making your own game is very simple and only takes a couple minutes, unlike something on a larger scale like LittleBigPlanet which takes a good deal of time and effort. You choose an objective for the level (i.e. grab all the items, defeat all the enemies), pick the background art, choose whether the player controls Finn or Jake, and then insert various items, creatures, and powerups around the stage.

And yes, of course that screen border is Jake’s flesh. You can even share the games you’ve created with the world, but in order to do so you have to make a Cartoon Network account, as well as get it approved by the mods — which I’d assume is because they don’t want people making glob-awful gemstone genitalia. That said, you don’t need an account to play other people’s games.

The next legitimate Adventure Time console game, Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!, doesn’t come out until this November, so the plethora of possibilities this game maker holds should tide you over until then.

(Cartoon Network via Polygon)

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