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Adam Carolla’s COVID Tweet Was Bad, but Everyone Roasting Him for It Is Great

Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel on The Man Show, pretending to be inventors.

Adam Carolla, former Man Show cohost, a.k.a. expert on all things douchey, decided to try to expand that expertise into opinions on the coronavirus pandemic, which he clearly does not have the knowledge to do. The One Who Is Not Jimmy Kimmel decided to log onto Twitter and share how only the sick and elderly are dying from COVID-19 (not true) and that we’re all “pussy’s” (yes, the possessive pussy instead of plural, for some reason) for believing the hype.

So, you know, he’s ill-informed at best. Not only is his initial take false—apparently based on the hottest new lie that claims a CDC report says something it doesn’t, propagated by people who don’t understand the data they’re seeing—but it also sounds like he doesn’t realize that young healthy people taking precautions still helps the old and sick, or like he doesn’t care about them.

Again, “pussy’s.” So … one single pussy is being played, but it is in possession of something? I guess? I don’t know. It’s a sexist term that I thought we’d outgrown, but also, Carolla is clearly stuck back in the days of The Man Show. Luckily for us all, and for our entertainment, many took to Twitter to tell Carolla how harmful, incorrect, and misinformed this idea was.

Look, my entire family falls into the “high risk” category, and they’re not particularly old or sick. Things like this? They tell me that, to some, my family and my loved ones are expendable so that they can go to an Arby’s and eat inside without washing their hands. That’s how this feels. So know that when you complain about having to change your life just slightly so you don’t harm other Americans, it shows your entire ass. But then again, Carolla isn’t afraid to show his whole ass.

Anyway, the Man Show hosts have clearly taken very different paths in the time since, with Jimmy Kimmel now advocating for healthcare rights for Americans and not taking the coronavirus lightly, or as something that infringes on his freedom, as Adam Carolla seems to think. Also, many COVID prevention measures have been difficult, and we could all use some more help dealing with them, but I don’t understand why everyone is so opposed to wearing masks!?!??! They’re fun and cool and you can have great designs on them and make it interesting!!!!!!! What’s wrong with Americans? Why are so many of you frustrating?

(image: Comedy Central)

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