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That $99 Xbox 360 With a Subscription Plan Is Real

Last week, rumors of a $99 4 GB Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle began circulating. However, rather than a super sweet cheap bundle, the catch was that the bundle would have a two year subscription of $15 per month, and include an Xbox Live Gold membership. Well, it turns out the rumors are true, and that two year subscription 4 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect and an Xbox Live Gold membership is a real thing that you can buy. Welcome to a world of video game consoles with mobile phone plans.

If you’re wondering, after the two year subscription is all said, done, and paid for, it comes out to around $100 more than what you would’ve paid for everything had you bought it all at once. Of course, $99 upfront, then $15 each month is certainly more affordable if you’re on a tight monthly budget.

And yes, like mobile phone plans, there is a termination fee, though Microsoft does not disclose exactly how much that’ll ruin your day. Oddly, the offer only seems to be available at retail Microsoft Stores, you know, those things you never see anywhere, because there only seems to be 21 of them at this time, 4 of which are labeled as “coming soon.”

What do y’all think of a subscription based video game console?

(via Microsoft Store)

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