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Navigate the S.S. Georgie in This Eerie 8-Bit It Game

In anticipation for It‘s September 8th release, Warner Bros. has released an 8-bit game for fans where you navigate S.S. Georgie as it sails along the sewers of Derry, Maine. Hit the red balloons for points, and avoid the shoes, missing signs, and the killer clown just chilling out in the sewers.

It’s straightforward, easy, and a great way to kill a few minutes if you’re bored. The 8-bit also curbs some of the horror, but if you play with the sound on there is a terrifying Pennywise laugh that’s just on repeat and I’m a little frightened that I’m going to hear it tonight coming from the dark corner of my room or right outside my door.

So, uh, be prepared for that.

So…..come here often?

The game also reaffirms an observation that many have made, which is that It feels a lot like Stranger Things and evokes the same kind of nostalgia. Remember how many 8-bit Stranger Things fan art and fan content there was? And how that likely eventually led to Netflix making a retro game version for fans to play? The parallels are there, and I don’t really mind. I’ll play all of these games for way too long for the sake of “article research.”

You can give the game a whirl here.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, image: screencap)

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