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The 7 Day FPS Challenge: Lots of Games, Very Little Sleep

It’s been four days since the conclusion of the very first “7 Day FPS Challenge” or “7DFPS.” Participants in the challenge are presented with the task of designing a first-person shooter in only 168 hours. There were no winners declared or trophies given away; we are left, however, with dozens of new and interesting FPSes. Some of these games push boundaries, some of these games open doors, and some of these games are just a mighty good time. Make the jump to see just a few of the games we really liked!

On May 11th, 2012, Jan Willem Nijman announced that the first ever 7 Day FPS Challenge would take place from June 9th to June 15th. Nijman is a Dutch independent game developer, best known for his studio, Vlambeer, and his part in the development of Super Crate Box. He devised 7DFPS as a way to encourage indie developers to breathe new life into the First Person Shooter through new ideas and innovations. After a week of ramen and Monster-fueled nights of hacking, the entries are all in and posted here. I won’t go so far as to say that every game featured is a masterpiece. There are more than a few entries that will leave you staring blankly at the screen, confused and frustrated. Here’s Geekosystem’s list of the entries that looked like some of the coolest games of the 7 Day FPS Challenge.

Geekosystem’s 7DFPS Picks

  • Past Enemies – You wake up in a beached rowboat with a revolver and one round. Your task is to find and kill someone; the question is: Who?
  • Europa – A ship crash-lands on a distant world. The player must emerge from the wreckage and investigate this strange new world
  • Terrible Lizard – In this sandbox FPS, you play as a dragon, flying around and burning stuff
  • TIMESCALE – This game is simple, elegant, and pretty trippy. See gameplay here to see for yourself
  • Blind Survivor – Using a completely unheard of concept, Blind Survivor does without any graphics whatsoever. The player must only rely on her sense of hearing
  • Receiver – The goal of this game was to explore realistic gun mechanics, nonlinear storytelling, and randomized levels. Receiver looks truly amazing. Take a look at gameplay here

There are, of course, some great games we overlooked while compiling this list. Go take a look at the entries and see if you find anything jaw-dropping!

(7DFPS Challenge via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

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