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A 3D Printed Möbius Strip of Super Mario Bros. Shows What Happens When You Jump Over the Flagpole

Designer Joaquin Baldwin used his extensive design skills to show us what happens when Mario happens to jump over the flagpole. Now, some of us may have had a Game Genie when we were younger, and may have turned on the moon jump code, and may have found out that Mario just kind of walks in a line forever if he jumps over the flagpole. However, with Baldwin’s 3D printed Möbius strip of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1, we see a post-flagpole world that makes slightly more sense, as Mario will just repeat the level forever. Best of all, you can purchase a strip of your own for a relatively cheap price.

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Baldwin assures us all that every detail from the surface of World 1-1 is represented, carved out of the sandstone strip at different heights, which creates a dynamic shadow effect when light is cast on the object from different angles.

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Baldwin sells a single strip for only $24.99, so head on over to his Shapeways storefront and throw him some money if you’re so inclined.

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