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Kazakhstan’s Mobius Strip Library of the Future

Kazakhstan gets the sweetest buildings! Through a competition to design the upcoming new National Library, Kazakhstan has chosen this mobius strip structure to contain its archives. While it may not be the most efficient structure in the world regarding space, it’s certainly one of the coolest to look at, with the structure bending in upon itself. Even considering the slanted walls throughout and awkward spacing, the structure will contain 33,0000 square meters of floor space, or about 335,210 square feet. In comparison, our Library of Congress, which is housed across multiple buildings, contains 2,100,000 square feet. And to use a building we can easily imagine the size of for reference, the White House is 55,000 square feet.

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Now, my first question was how exactly this structure will be navigated. Luckily, the answers via the images below (click to enlarge), along with many other valuable pictures of the design, can be viewed here.

(Via ArchDaily via Neatorama via Dvice)

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