Plastic, One Piece 3D Printed Crossbow Is Just The Thing To Intimidate Your Foes [Video]

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We’ve been thoroughly unnerved at the idea of 3D-printed firearms already. Now, one maker has taken it on himself to bring the 3D printed weapon movement back to the Dark Ages… or at least the Renaissance, using his 3D printer to build this nifty pistol-style hand crossbow. Check out the video below to see the gizmo — because really, this isn’t a weapon unless you’re in middle school and assaulting some poor teacher’s sanity — in action.

To cut down on complexity or moving parts and make this a 3D printed crossbow for the masses, its inventor shied away from complicated trigger mechanisms, instead opting to use different thicknesses in different parts of the print to build the trigger right into the bow itself. The entire weapon is crafted from a single piece of plastic, and is designed to make the most of the innate flexibility of the material. All you need to add is a length of string to provide tension and and the ammunition of your choice, be it a chopstick or a balsa wood glider. Pulling the trigger releases that tension, launching your ammunition and no doubt causing some consternation to your co-workers, roommate, or cat.

If you can’t wait for the chance to become the chopstick flinging scourge of your office or living room, you can check out plans for your own crossbow on Thingiverse.

(via Trench Physics)

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