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3D-Printed Filigree Skulls are Amazing, Available on Kickstarter

Artist Joshua Harker is the creative mind behind this incredible little 3D-printed skull, whose surface is cut with hundreds of twisting, turning shapes. These filigreed lines Harker calls “tangles” have been central to his art for years, but could never be reproduced in sculpture. But thanks to advances in computer modeling, the introduction of new materials, and the advent of 3D printing his once impossible forms can now be made solid.

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Though the stylized skulls are impressive in their own right, Harker is going further by making the skulls available to the public through Kickstarter. For $50 you (yes, you!) can get your very own filigree cranium and help make Harker’s art possible at the same time. In the description for his project, he says that if this goes well he’ll start debuting all of his work through Kickstarter before it appears in galleries. With over 700 pledges, it’s likely we’ll be seeing more work from this impressive artist.

(Kickstarter via Junkculture, Dudecraft)

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