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28,000 to Play Half-Life 2 This Saturday as a for Plea Info on the Future of the Series


Other than a few instances of playful trolling, Valve has been utterly — painfully — silent about the future of the Half-Life franchise for years now. The Half-Life 2 episodes, while not exactly you may have wanted, at least provided that I.V. drip fans so desperately needed until it cruelly ended at Episode 2, and on no less than the  largest ever cliffhangers in the series. Now, members of Steam Group “A Call for Communication,” who number around 28,000, are planning to play Half-Life 2 this Saturday as a way of half-demanding, half-begging Valve to talk about Half-Life again.

Now don’t get these guys wrong, they don’t want to rush the developement of the next Half-Life game, not at all. They don’t even neccesarily want to know what it is, or when it will be, or why it was put off, or why Valve has been so quiet about everything for so long. They just want to know if they can expect more Half-Life someday. That’s all. Granted the answers to the rest of those questions would be more than welcome, but the actual request is modest.

It’s reasonable for fans to start getting antsy by this point. The originally trilogy of Half-Life 2 episodes were originally supposed to be wrapped up sometime in 2007 and there’s been nary a word for years. I mean, Half-Life 2 proper turns 8 years old this fall — eight — and we still haven’t heard what the plan is for Episode 3, which was slated to be released on that original 8 year-old engine.

Kudos to A Call for Communication for taking such polite, reasonable, and positive action to try and finally squeeze some information out of Valve. After all, what better form of protest (protest almost seems like too strong of a term) than to show Valve: “Look, we really, really love this thing you made. Won’t you please just say her name? Please?”

I for one, will be playing some Half-Life 2 this weekend, in solidarity. Also, it helps that the game is now old enough that it runs wonderfully on my laptop, better than it ever did on the desktop I played it on originally. Granted, it’s aged a little, so you might want to mod it up some, but it’s still an iconic piece of gaming history, and I’d love nothing more than for it to have a proper sequel to carry on its legacy. Even if it never will, I just want to know already. Don’t you?

(via PC Gamer)

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