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Such Meme, Very List: 13 Best Doge Memes of 2013

wow. amaze.


Clearly this year was the year of the doge — even though none of us here at the office can even agree how to pronounce “doge” in the first place. Since the year is winding down, however, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite iterations of the meme to celebrate*, at least before we all get sick of these dumb pictures of shiba inu dogs and they go the way of all other memes before them.

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*We tried to source all of the images as best we could, but of course that can be difficult to do under a deadline when you’re meme-ing it up all over the place. If one of these images is yours and you want us to credit you, let us know!

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(featured image via The Chive)

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