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Living like Iron Man Would Cost You $10 Million per Year, Movoto Priced the Upkeep of His Mansion

You can't afford Tony Stark's mansion. You can't even afford his Internet.


The good people at Movoto previously decided that you’d have to spend $117.2 million for Tony Stark’s mansion, but that’s just to buy it. To live in it, you’d have to spend almost $10 million every year to keep it up to your billionaire playboy standards, and what’s the point of a nearly $120 million mansion on a cliff if you dont?

Price escalates quickly when you have the best, fastest Internet money can buy piped to your home and a DVR setup in every single room of your giant mansion. For the full breakdown of annual costs, take a look at Movoto’s infographic on the Iron Mansion below. We’d be interested to see how much more the annual price tag would grow if repairs from fighting were factored in.

Live Like Tony Stark

There’s an even more in-depth breakdown of how they came to all of the figures shown in the infographic on the Movoto site, so you can better understand exactly how an Internet connection can cost almost two million dollars per year.

(via Movoto)

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