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Thor’s Castle Is Nice, but How Much Would it Cost? Movoto Figured it Out

Oh, Movoto, is there nothing you can't price?


Our friends at the real estate blog Movoto love figuring out how much fictional homes would sell for, and we love that they love that, because we love seeing the results. This time they’ve put a price on Thor’s castle in Asgard, but if you want to live like the god of thunder you better pony up some serious cash.

One of the challenges of pricing fictional homes is that Movoto has to decide on a real-world analog for the mythical locations. In this instance, they have Uppsala, Sweden standing in for Asgard. They also have to decide square footage of the home, and then get the price per square foot from comparable homes in the area. After that it’s just math.

Take a look at the details of how they crunched the numbers in this handy infographic, and try to get over the sticker shock. Buying a home in Asgard is an investment.

Asgard Castle

Movoto even went so far as to create a fictional listing for the castle on their site. Amenities include gold everything, chariot parking, and “room for goats” which all sound well and good until you find out that Loki is the listing’s agent. Maybe selling Thor’s house is all part of a scheme to finally claim Odin’s throne?

(via Movoto)

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